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Track the time and temperature of your cold showers and ice baths.
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Start Every Day Like A Warrior1
  • Say goodbye to morning sleepiness and grogginess.
  • Start your day feeling fresh, energized, and ready to take on the world.
  • Boost your self-discipline and willpower.
Tracking Cold Showers has never been easier!
Focus on the Shower, not the UI

Setting up your cold shower timer should not require NASA training.

That's why our shower tab is clean and simple: Two buttons to adjust time, two buttons for temperature, and a huge start button.

That's all!

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Jump into the time machine!
You can easily view your past showers on a monthly calendar, complete with colors that show the temperature level.

A great motivator to keep up with your cold shower routine and keep pushing yourself to new levels of coolness!

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Level UP!

Take your showers to the next level by progressing through different levels.

Challenge yourself and compare your progress with friends using the Badass Score, which is based on your longest and coldest shower.

Track your progress: Dive into comprehensive statistics and charts for a clear overview.

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Average User Reviews
"I already lived in a barrel. Now, thanks to the Cold Shower App, I can use it for ice baths."
- Diogenes
"Thanks to the Cold Shower App, I was able to cross the Alps and attack the Roman Empire."
- Hannibal
"The Cold Shower App helped us to adapt to the Ice Age."
- Homo Erectus representative